Chuan Chuan Xiang







“Yuan’s Chuan Chuan Xiang is not your average Sichuan restaurant. It is a powerhouse of fiery goodness that rushes into your belly and fills you with happiness. This is Sichuan, so that means Chuan Chuan Xiang, and that means yummy, spicy hotpot. What is hotpot and Chuan Chuan Xiang? Well, you’re going have to watch it to find out!

But How?

When the soup is brought up to boil, add the sticks of meat with the prepared vegetables, and cook everything until done. The hot pot is served with garlic, sesame oil and any other of your favourite relishes to enrich the flavour. The beauty of the hot pot is that there is no fixed recipe, you can substitute ingredients with another that you think would taste good. If you want to add more of one ingredient, just do it. Make your hot pot your own.